March 27

Where Should It Begin?

Mantras have great power. Modern science has proven it. With sound vibration, you can make or break. You can heal, or you can produce disease. You can make somebody laugh, you can make somebody cry with your sound. You can turn a human being into an animal who will go out and fight. You can pacify a baby. You can enchant a cobra. You can get more milk from your cow with a little music. Plants grow with nice music. It’s true, and it’s all being proved nowadays.

So your mantra repetition is nothing different. Certain mantras can easily cure all your problems, physical and mental. Even repeating, “OM Shanti, OM Shanti, OM Shanti.” Shanti means peace, but it also has that peaceful vibration. It’s very powerful. When you fill your system with that vitality, with that health and happiness, you become contagious. Fill yourself up to the brim with health and let it overflow. Just by your mere presence, you will bring health to others. You can pass it on to others. You will constantly emit that vibration. That will be the beginning of world health. Where should it begin? Right with you.

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