March 23

You Will Only See Beauty

J udging others is an act of the ego; it’s a kind of arrogance. It means that you think you’re a great person and all the others are fools. Others may have a problem, but to judge them means that you have at least one kind of problem yourself, the problem of constantly criticizing people. You are actually no different from them. Before you see a mote in their eyes, see the beam in your own eye.

The vulture flies so high, higher than many birds. It can see far and wide. But where will its eyes be? On a dead and decayed body somewhere. It soars beautifully and high; but it doesn’t cast its eyes on good, holy things, only on decayed matter. An ordinary fly looks for filthy matter to sit on, while a honeybee will fly past many other things to look for even a little bit of nectar on a flower.

You see certain things in others because you have the eye to see it. If you have a beautiful eye, you will see only beauty. Know that everyone has some sort of weakness. A person who doesn’t have any weakness at all won’t even be on this earth.

Don’t have the kind of eye that finds faults in others. Be humble and correct your own problems.

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