March 20

They Will Come To You More

Question: Today’s business world is hard and competitive What would you advise a young person who plans to start a business? Sri Gurudev: It is competitive in the business world; and unfortunately or fortunately all the gimmicks seem to be paying off. A lot of money is made by gimmicks, by adulterations and things like that. By false advertising. So it’s very hard to have a straight business and compete with those businesses. But if people come to realize that you are running an honest business, certainly they will come to you more. You will never have difficulty in getting enough customers. After some time the truth comes out. Business should be done with service in mind. Think of the benefit of the buyers. Your duty is to give them the right product or service at the right price with a marginal profit for you. You have to continue your business, so your profit can be a little above your overhead expenses to allow for rainy seasons. And business is not always the same. So you have every right to have a little profit; but not too much. Sell as if you were the buyer.

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