March 2

Resistance Is Necessary

W e are all searching for the happiness and peace that we once experienced. Now it seems to be missing. Certainly we want to find it the quickest way possible. Unfortunately, it doesn’t come that easily. We have to go through many kinds of resistance. Why? Because only by passing through resistance do we become stronger. Resistance is necessary.

A seed needs some sort of resistance. That’s why you dig a hole, put the seed in and cover it up. Then it says, “Oh, you think you are going to stop me here? I’m going to come up!” It pushes through and grows strong.

So don’t look for the way of least resistance. No matter how big that resistance is, face the situation. Your own strength, your own mental courage will help you a lot. Once you feel that, “Yes, I can win it!” you will win. Don’t say, “Ah, I don’t know. I’ll try.” No. With that attitude, you have already lost seventy-five percent of your strength. Be bold. Be strong. “I will achieve it. Today or tomorrow I am going to get it.” That’s very important. You need that will to achieve what you really want in life.

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