March 19

Losses Are Always Great Eye Openers

Question: Very recently, all of my possessions were stolen. What Is there to be learned from this experience?

Sri Gurudev: Those things have served you enough; you don’t need them anymore. And somebody else probably needed them more than you did. If you still need some of them, you can afford to replace them. God knows that also. But most important of all, you still have yourself. Nobody can steal that.

This kind of experience is God’s way of making you renounce your attachments. This is the time to check to see how many things you are attached to. Are you suffering because you lost your possessions? Or are you undisturbed, happy and peaceful?

Life is filled with such tests. But only lucky people will get tested in this way. Without this experience, you might have thought that you were a wonderful yogi because there was nothing to disturb you; everything seemed beautiful. Only when adversities come do you have an opportunity to prove what you have learned.

Losses are always great eye openers. Pleasures never open our eyes. It’s only through pain that we learn our weaknesses.

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