March 18

It’s Something Blissful

H ow can anyone explain that Cosmic Consciousness? It’s like trying to measure the sky with a twelve-inch ruler. Our measuring instruments—the mind and the vocabulary—are very, very limited. All we can say is, “It’s something blissful.”

In that blissful state you always experience joy. You never get disturbed by anything. You never feel any anxiety or worry or fear. In that state of Cosmic Consciousness, there is no fear at all because you see everything as the same: one essence expressed as many. You learn to accept everything as part of the different expressions. In that state there’s no friend, there’s no enemy; it is all the same.

We often see images of God with one hand raised, the palm facing outward. That is the hand of fearlessness. The other hand will be pointed down, again with the palm outward. What is God telling us? “If you humble yourself and take refuge at my feet, you have nothing to fear.”

Attaining the feet of God means attaining God-Consciousness. When you have that God-Consciousness, you know that everything is God, no matter what it looks like. Then why should we be afraid of anything? The Bhagavad Gita says it beautifully: “Who is a great sage? The one who neither brings fear to anyone, nor is afraid of anyone.” Such a person is a person with that supreme, infinite God-Consciousness.

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