March 14

Perfection Doesn’t Come Over Night

Keep in mind that you want to perfect your life; but know that perfection doesn’t come overnight. Making mistakes is part of learning to be perfect. So when you make a mistake, don’t get upset. Find out the cause for the mistake, what situation caused you to make the mistake. Learn from your mistakes, and then don’t repeat them. You are free to make another kind of mistake, but not the same mistake. Every mistake, every failure is a stepping stone for future success.

The problem with so-called perfectionists is that they don’t like to accept failure. You have to fail. Look at an Olympic champion, a great runner. Did he or she run out of the womb at birth? Did he start life running? No. He couldn’t even move his body much. How long did it take for that future champion to be able to stand? To walk? To run? How many times did she fall?

That is the process of learning. Don’t be afraid of falling. Let every failure help you to learn a little better for your future success. If you keep that in mind, then you won’t get caught in what is called perfectionism.

Everybody learns in this way. In fact, nobody is ever one hundred percent perfect. There will still be a little imperfection. When you have become completely perfect, you won’t even be in this world anymore.

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