March 11

A Beautiful Field

If you choose the path of marriage, it is a beautiful field in which to learn the great qualities of sharing and sacrificing. Before you marry, ask yourself “Can l share my love and my life with someone? Can I dedicate my whole life to that person?”

After marriage your life becomes divided – a little for you, a little for your partner. Then one or two babies come. You share even more with them. You are gradually dividing yourself sharing your life with many others. You learn how to take care of them; you have more responsibility, and you are tested constantly.

In school you are tested. Why? It helps you to find out whether you learned properly or not. It also helps others to know whether you studied well or not. So in family life you also have tests to face. If you don’t want to answer the questions and solve the problems there, if you just quit this examination and go somewhere else, eventually you will find an examiner standing in that place too. Wherever you go, you cannot escape from that.

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