June 9

You Don’t Have to Be Allergic to Anything

If you keep the body healthy, the body can adjust to any weather. You won’t have to complain about the outside atmosphere. Many people complain about allergies. They are always saying, “I am allergic to this, allergic to that.” Allergy is not something coming from outside; allergy comes from lack of health. If your body is strong enough, you don’t have to be allergic to anything.

Think of all the people who live in a tropical climate where there is heat and humidity. Fortunately the body is able to accept any condition, to withstand and adapt, because it’s made that way. How many people poison their systems, and their bodies accept it? The body even accepts smoking and drinking.

Keep the body in good shape. That means giving it the proper exercise and eating the right food in the right quantity. Above all, have the proper thoughts.

If you constantly complain of disease, you will have disease. As you think so you become. If you think, “I am weak, I am weak, I am weak,” you are certainly going to be weak. Never allow the mind to worry about anything.

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