June 5

Prayerful Thoughts
Always Bring Benefits to People

Question: How should we pray? There seems to be a contradiction between totally trusting in God’s Will and praying for someone or something.

Sri Gurudev: It is the same thing. There is no contradiction at all. But you should understand the purpose of your prayer. You don’t go and ask God, “Give me that.” If you feel you must ask for something, then say, “Please give me understanding. Give me the constant remembrance that You are handling everything, that You will give me everything I deserve, and You will never give anything to me if I don’t deserve it.” If God is going to do something only after you request it, what kind of God is that? “Oh, because ten people are praying for you, because I got ten thousand signatures, I am giving you this.” No. But when ten thousand people feel sorry for a person and pray, all that wishful thinking goes to help him or her.

Good thoughts and feelings always reach the ones who are really starving for them. Those who really deserve that good thinking will receive it. We simply spread the seeds. When people know that so many others are praying for them, that gives them strength. There is a benefit right away, “Oh, so many people are praying for me. I should really get well. All their good thinking is on my side.” Prayerful thoughts always bring benefit to people.

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