June 4

Become Fearless

A fearless person is the one who is afraid of God. What is meant by “fear of God?” Fear of God’s law, or the Cosmic Law. That means you know the Cosmic Law, what action will bring what result, and you are afraid of doing a wrong action. Fear is created for that purpose. If you keep on doing the right thing, you come to see that you don’t need to be afraid of anything. You become fearless. So begin with fear and ultimately become fearless.

The fear is necessary. When you go near a flame you know that it will burn, and you are careful. That is what you call fear. Knowing and staying away from the wrong is what you call fear. The real fearless state is when you see everyone as your own Self. When you see yourself in others, you are not afraid of them. In realizing that oneness, you rise above the fear totally. As long as there’s duality, you are afraid. You are afraid of your own body sometimes, your own mind sometimes, because you see them as different than you. Two means fear. One means no fear. That spiritual oneness is to be recognized. Until then, we are afraid.

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