June 30

You Enjoy the White Writing Because
There Is a Black Board Behind It

Don’t give room for temporary depressions. Things come and go. Nothing is permanent in this world. Even our bodies come and go. You once had a young body; now you have an adult body. Someday you will have an old body, and one day you will even have a dead body. But still, you have a body. It’s the body that goes through all these changes. You are immortal. Identify with that real you, the real “I.”

When you play soccer, you kick the ball around. The ball goes through all the motions, but you are doing the playing. You enjoy the movements of the ball. Likewise, let your mind be your soccer ball. Wherever it goes, just enjoy it.

Even to enjoy nice, beautiful writing on a board, the board should be black because the chalk is white. You enjoy the white writing because there is a black board behind it. Don’t forget that. You enjoy the pain because there is pleasure behind it.

We are the knowers, we are the seers. Remember that truth always. Apply this whenever you are in a depressed state. Jump up, shake it off and say, “Hey, I am a lion! This is all just temporary. I have come across this before and I know it will go away.” You can heal yourself. There is a beautiful part of the mind, a powerful part of the mind, that can always get you out of any problem. Use that part, the brilliant part, the bright part. Don’t succumb to the other side of the mind.

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