June 29

You Can Hear God Whispering

Certainly if you have that kind of faith and devotion, God can speak to you. You can hear God whispering. There’s nothing strange about it. But you must make sure of one thing. God is not the only one that speaks to you. There’s some other fellow inside who also whispers to you. That fellow is your own ego. You can hear the voice of your own ego. Then, of course, you would ask, “How can I distinguish between them?” There’s a testing stone for that. When God tells you something it’s for your benefit as well as for everyone else’s benefit. Nobody gets hurt when God asks you to do something. It’s good for all.

But if your ego says something, there is always something sneaky about it. There is a tinge of selfishness. You have to get something first, “Don’t worry about others. Get it!” Yes. So, that is the testing stone. “Is it selfish or selfless? Is it for everybody’s benefit or will someone get hurt by it?” If it would hurt somebody, God would never say that to you. God loves everyone equally. God is not interested in hurting someone else to make you happy. Remember that.

God also speaks to you through your own conscience. The conscience in you, in me and in the other person will never differ because they are all from the same God. That’s why sometimes when you do not know which voice is correct, you can go to somebody who you think is following God’s advice within. But before you do that make sure that that person follows the true guidance of God in his life.

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