June 26

We Can Always Be in Bliss

Whatever you are, be contented. It sounds good but it’s not so easy. If you have a contented mind, everything will just happen by itself. You won’t have to do anything. Somebody is doing everything through you. You have nothing to worry about, even if you make a mistake. Suppose you do your best and you still make a mistake. Then you made a mistake. If you think, “I didn’t do my best; somebody else did that best through me, and somebody else made the mistake,” then you are not responsible for doing the best or doing the worst.

Literally speaking, none of us is doing anything here. There’s only one doer: the Cosmic Intelligence that does everything and works through everybody. That is what put me here and is making me talk, and has put you there, and is making you listen—just because the show must go on. If we can understand this, life will be a super heaven for us. We will always be in bliss.

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