June 25

What Is Heaven?

Heaven is a place where love and nothing but love flows. Real, cosmic, universal love. People love each other as they love themselves. They love the animals, the plants, all the things around them. They even love their trash cans. That’s what heaven is. Everyone living as one big family with no “mine” and “yours,” only “ours.” It’s God’s home and everyone feels that they are children of that home. Everything is common. Everybody takes care of every thing.

It’s a collective life. Even if one individual is unhappy, everybody takes care of that person and sees that he or she becomes happy again. Our property is common, our money is common, our kitchen is common, our school is common. In a way, everything belongs to everybody. That’s how people live in heaven.

If we could live that way, certainly we would have a heaven here. And that is exactly what yogic life means. Living a collective life. Rising above selfishness. Sharing the joy of everyone, and the pain of everyone. Of course such a thing may not happen overnight. It might take a lot of effort because we have been brought up with this “I, me, mine, that’s mine, that’s yours,” consciousness. We have to slowly undo all that now.

We have our independence, our individuality; but our independence should not interfere with the independence of others. Different individuals live together like the flowers in a bouquet. They may appear to be different, but they have a common purpose: serving each other and collectively serving humanity. That is our aim. Whatever we do should be done in this light. The best online JavaScript tools can be found at HTML-CSS-JS.com: script beautifier, compressor, cheat sheet or just read the blog.

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