June 21

God Gives You What You Want

I read a beautiful piece of wisdom recently: “When God wants to punish you, God will give you everything that you ask for.” God gives you what you want, even though it may not be good for you. Unfortunately, we still don’t know what to want. We want many, many things; we want all the things that bring us problems. So we are the cause of our problems.

When someone has a problem you say, “Ah, he or she asked for it.” We don’t even know what to ask for. So the best prayer would be, “God, I don’t know what to ask for. I may even ask for the wrong thing; I’m still a child. As a good father, good mother, You know what is beneficial for me. You give me what I need. Please don’t give me what I want. I will accept whatever You give me. And I will accept what You take away from me. You are the giver, You are the taker.” If you allow God to take things from you whenever needed, you will never make a mistake in your life.

What is God’s duty? To give the proper result for your action. That is nature’s law. Then why does God allow people who do good things to suffer and people who do bad things to get what they want? Those people are good now, but they were not good before. And the others once did something to deserve what they are getting now, even though it might have been long before. That is an important point that we miss in the West. We are slowly beginning to understand that, “Yes, we lived before and we will be still living after.” There is life before birth, and life after death. The soul is immortal. It simply goes through different bodies to gain more experiences. You carry all your past actions and their results with you.

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