June 19

The Best Form of Devotion

The best way to communicate with the higher Self, or God, is to say: “I am thinking of You. I am repeating Your holy name. I am trying to develop that holy vibration in me. That’s all I know. And I know that You know the rest. I am not asking for anything. I don’t even know what to ask for. I might even ask for the wrong thing, for something that may not help me. Or I might ask for too little and You’ll say, ‘Well, that’s all that you asked for.’ Even though You may want to give me more, if I ask for a little You will give me only that. So I leave it up to You; You know what is best. If You think that I am doing something right or doing it wrong, You will let me know. You are really the Father of fathers, and ‘Father knows best!’ I am cleaning my house and preparing for Your arrival to take residence. Please come and give whatever You want, whenever You want, however you want. I leave all that to You.”

That is the best form of communication. We shouldn’t be demanding, expecting, even imagining. Simply say, “I am doing my job, I know You will do Your job.” The best form of devotion is that.

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