June 18

It Is Better to Learn Soon

Even if you achieve the whole world by your selfishness, you are not going to be happy. You cannot be. Selfishness can never make you happy. Sometimes you may get what you want, but your own selfishness will spoil it. In a way, that is what we learn from all these disappointments in life. Every time you approach a thing or a person or an action with a selfish motive, it literally hits you on the head. Unfortunately, many people don’t learn from a single hit or even a hundred hits. On the other hand, sensible people will learn the lesson just by seeing others getting hit.

Don’t ever think that you will escape. You are going to learn the lesson. Until you learn the lesson this will happen again and again and again. Mother Nature is there with a big stick to whack you, “Come on, learn this, learn this.” Finally you will say, “Oh, I am learning, I am learning.”

You should remember it is Mother Nature’s hand behind all these disappointments. So it is better to learn soon—the sooner, the better— so that you can enjoy the rest of your life with all joy and peace.

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