June 16

It All Depends upon Whether You Believe It

Question: How do we know if flipping a coin to make a decision will reflect God’s Will?

Sri Gurudev: You are only flipping the coin. You don’t make it fall this way or that. The coin will fall to the heads side or tails side by itself. Just think that the falling is in God’s hands. Tossing is your business. Dropping it to the right side is God’s business. The whole of life is a game. When you want to take sides in a game, what do you do? You flip a coin to decide who’s on which team. The tennis players rotate the racquet.

Even in this so-called modern, scientific space age, we still flip coins. What does it mean? It means that there is an unseen force; things don’t just happen in an uncontrolled way. Somebody is controlling it. So it depends upon whether you believe that every movement is controlled by a higher will or not. If you believe it, yes, it’s God’s Will. If you don’t believe it, it is yours.

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