June 15

Day Turns into Night, Night Turns into Day

Never be afraid of anything. A person with fear dies every minute. Remember that. Know that change is a part of nature. Things will always come and go, join and separate, make again and break again. Daily you see that. The sun rises and sets. Day turns into night, night turns into day. Remember, even when there have been catastrophes, this world has still gone on. And it still continues.

How big is your world? Do you think it’s a big world? If you compare your world to the entire cosmos, your world is not even equal to one hundredth of a mustard seed, remember that. By the time I answer your question, do you know how many worlds like this will be reduced to pieces somewhere in the galaxy? Every minute stars fall, planets are destroyed and then rebuilt again.

I remember someone once asked a scientist, “How big is our world? How many galaxies are there in the whole cosmos?” Do you know what the scientist said? There was a big, beautiful, shaggy dog with long hair sitting nearby and the scientist said, “If you shave all of this dog’s hair as close to the skin as possible, and then chop the hairs into tiny, tiny pieces, and count those pieces you will have counted one hundredth of the total galaxies in the cosmos.” Can you perceive that number? The mind cannot even begin to grasp it.

So don’t worry about these changes. Today you are happy and comfortable, and if you can do something to make someone else also happy and comfortable, do it. If you cannot do it, at least don’t make others miserable. If you can’t make others happy, at least don’t make them unhappy by thinking about catastrophes, and this and that. Even if everything breaks up, you will remain. What is that “you?” The unbreakable one, the soul, your consciousness, which you call the Self. That always remains because consciousness never changes. The consciousness is always there, but it expresses itself in various ways using various forms, being called by various names. So as the Self, you are immortal. Don’t be afraid of anything. You are eternal.

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