June 12

It’s God’s Child Given in Your Care

A mother’s first and foremost duty is her child. Everything else comes afterward. A beautiful soul has been given into your hands. You should sacrifice anything and everything for the sake of that child. Don’t neglect your child to do other duties. All other duties are nothing compared to this. All other duties should be conducive to fulfilling this duty; it’s not at the cost of this duty that you do other things. The world can wait. The child needs you. The world may not need you. Take care of the child.

And if you know your responsibility and think, “Yes, God has given me this opportunity, I have to do it and I’m going to do it,” you will get strength. God gave the child in your care, and God will give you enough strength to fulfill that duty also. God is not a fool that would put a child in weak hands. You may not know your own strength. God will never give a baby to a mother or father who cannot take care of it. So realize that you have the strength. Believe in that and go ahead, take care of that beautiful angel. Raise that child up into a beautiful, spiritual child of God.

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