July 9

You Observe the Day
and You Receive the Benefit

Only a candle that is lit and shining can give a little light to the other candles. If you simply sit there as an unlit candle and listen to hours and hours and hours of talk about light, you won’t get lit. You have to come, touch the lamp and get a spark before you get lit. That is the duty of a disciple. After having seen a lit candle, you should go, bow down and then get the touch. Once you have gotten that, you work on yourself, make your life brighter. Of course, since you remember that you got the light from another lamp, you are grateful to that light.

This is why we dedicate a special day each year in honor of all the great masters, sages and saints. They were flaming torches. We touch them in some form or other and get a little spark. We humble ourselves in front of those great sages and saints and express our gratitude, and by doing that we are able to receive more. We give our gratitude to our mothers on Mother’s Day and our fathers on Father’s Day. In the same way we give our gratitude to the spiritual teacher, or the Guru, who ultimately helps us to realize the final goal: the Truth, or God or the inner Light.

So Guru Poornima Day, or All Prophets Day, is not just a mere celebration. It is an observance. You observe the day, and you receive the benefit. May the blessings of all the great sages and saints and masters be upon you all to make your life more shining, more peaceful, more healthy and more happy. May you in turn share those blessings with all other beings so that one day we can see a beautiful blessed heaven on this earth. Web content composed with the free instant HTML code editor .

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