July 5

We Receive According to Our Tuning

All the thoughts that the entire world is thinking and will think and has thought before are already in the cosmic mind. They are there waiting for you to draw upon. By thinking of something, you literally become a sort of receiving set. All of the similar thoughts come to you. It’s not that you create anything new. Actually, there is nothing new; nothing can be created and nothing can be destroyed. Nobody has ever “created” any new thinking.

We are receiving constantly. And we receive according to our tuning. The music is there, but if you tune to the wrong station you will get atmospheric disturbance. Both are there. You call it “disturbance” because you don’t want it, but it is there. The music also is there. So we simply tune to receive. Sometimes even without your conscious effort, the tuner of your receiving set seems to be in a certain location; all of a sudden it receives and then you say, “Oh, I am experiencing something new. I never thought of that before.” It just comes to you, even without your conscious effort, because the mind simply rolls to that frequency and happens to receive it. Your mind is nothing but a part of the cosmic mind, and a part of the cosmic mind is functioning through you.

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