July 3

Hoist Your Flag

In a way the founding fathers wanted the entire America to be a Yogaville. That’s what their intention was. And of course the founding fathers here wanted that. The founding sages and saints of all the great religions wanted this kind of freedom and independence or liberation throughout the universe. They didn’t even bother to say, “Let Americans be free,” but, “Let all be free. Let everyone and everything enjoy freedom.” But of course if we can’t think in those terms, at least let us think small to begin with and then keep expanding. That’s what we are trying to achieve here.

Every individual is a Yogaville. You have problems within you. You have to have board meetings within you. All the outside meetings are ultimately to happen within. Just as the board people sit and analyze, analyze your own problems. For that sake your energy should really fly high. That is why the first and foremost thing is to hoist the flag.

The flag is nothing but the kundalini or the sum total of consciousness within you rising up to the crown chakra at the top of the head. It should flutter there. You awaken the kundalini and let it unfurl and rise through your flag post which is the spinal column. The string that you draw to raise the flag is your breath. One string comes down, one goes up: the incoming and outgoing breath. Lift up your energies. You cannot analyze and find the solution when your energies are low.

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