July 27

Everything Is God’s Work

Somehow my life has been continuously directed by a Higher Will. I didn’t have any interest in coming to America. I didn’t have any interest in going to Sri Lanka. Somehow, Providence put me in various places. It just pushed me here, there, here, there, one place after the other. As if some unseen hand were moving me, even from childhood itself I never wanted to do anything myself. I simply accepted whatever was presented to me.

After high school I went to study some technical things. When I finished that and came back, I was immediately asked to go manage a temple. From the temple management, I was pushed into the automobile field. It all just happened. Somebody called me, “Come, you do this.”

Whatever came, I accepted. “Yes, maybe I have something to learn there.” Even going to different teachers was like that. It’s not that it was my wish. From the very beginning, there was some hand behind everything, guiding me from place to place. And that hand is still functioning. I am here today. I don’t know where I will be tomorrow.

I’m ever ready to move according to the Will of that Higher Force, and that is enough for me. That keeps me always peaceful, contented, happy and carefree. That’s what you call renunciation. Renounce your personal interest and God will work through you. God will put you wherever it’s necessary. Whatever is presented to you, do it happily, joyfully. Everything is God’s work.

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