July 21

You Are Always Doing Spiritual Work

You are always doing spiritual work. To know whether you are doing it properly, watch your feelings. Are you becoming more and more easeful? More and more peaceful? Are you lessening your worries? Do you always feel happy? If it bothers you more and more, then you are not doing it right. It’s not the action that is important, but how you do it.

To decide whether you are doing the work in a spiritual way or not, ask yourself. “Am I maintaining my peace while doing this?” If the answer is “No,” then you are doing something wrong. Every job should make you happy, jubilant. You should enjoy it, whatever it is, and feel like doing more. You should forget yourself while you are doing it. Work should be fun, not a burden. If you become heavy while doing it, then you are doing it as a labor. Even if you look for a thank you, you are looking for some reward. When you do something for a reward, it’s labor. It’s not service. Labor means you do it to get it. Service means you just do it, and forget it.

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