July 20

The Best Charity

There is only one Light Of Truth Universal Shrine now, a place like this where people of all faiths and beliefs can come together and silently worship in their own way under the same roof. But this is only a beginning. I know that once people see the beauty and benefit of understanding among all religions, every town will want a LOTUS. I’m sure that will happen.

It’s not just something for only a few people to experience; everyone should be able to participate. But somewhere, somebody has to begin. Probably God has chosen us as instruments to do that. So our aim is to educate people not to fight in the name of religion, but to experience their spiritual oneness.

Let us know that we are all one in spirit; essentially, we are one appearing as many. The moment that kind of understanding comes, almost all other problems, both physical and material, will be solved. Until then they will never be solved.

Anything that is done to bring this knowledge to people is the greatest deed. Any charity that’s used for this purpose is the best form of charity. I don’t deny the other charities; they are doing much great work. But if we work toward real universal love and understanding we are going to the very root of the other problems. Achieving this should be first and foremost. Once we eliminate the cause of hunger, poverty, all the other problems, we will no longer have to worry about solving them.

Do what you can for this cause; I’m not speaking just about the LOTUS, but about the cause of spiritual understanding. Learn to care and share, to love and give, and inspire others by your example. Spread these ideas. Then you are carrying a LOTUS with you in your heart. .

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