July 16

In a Way Everything Is Selfish, No Doubt

Selfishness is when you feel, “I must have it at any cost.” Use your discriminating faculty. Analyze your motives. “Why am I selfish? What am I gaining out of that?” By being selfish, you aren’t going to be happy at all. Selfishness makes you miserable. Any time you are unhappy, if you look for the cause, you will see that you were selfish in doing things, in your approach, or in your thinking. That’s why a selfish person can never, never, never be happy.

In a way everything is selfish, no doubt. Even wanting to be peaceful at all times is selfish. You want peace and health so that you can grow spiritually; it sounds selfish. But that kind of selfishness is not wrong. If you find the peace in you, people all around you will be benefited by your peaceful nature. Even if you don’t consciously do anything for them or say anything to them, you will be setting an example, and they will learn from your example. So that is a sort of selfless selfishness.

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