July 14

You Can Do It, You Can Undo It
and You Can Do It Differently

Your upbringing certainly has a say over your temperament; but as you grow, your true temperament will come to the surface more. You will be urged to do something—possibly something very different.

When your true temperament comes out, then you will know that’s the real you. Sit and question yourself, “What is it that I am naturally interested in?” The Bhagavad Gita calls it svadharma—the natural tendency or natural temperament. Sometimes you might come across a sort of natural temperament that is not fit for your growth. You might have been developing in the wrong way before. But remember, even your natural temperament wasn’t given to you by someone else. It’s yours. You made it before, and you brought it with you. Now, after learning and studying and knowing a little bit more, you might think, “That’s not the right temperament for me to develop; that may be what I came with, but it’s not conducive anymore, so I’m going to change it.” That’s where you exercise your mastery.

If you are strong enough, you can brush it all aside completely and open up a new chapter in your life. You are the master of your destiny. You can do it, you can undo it and you can do it differently. Don’t ever, ever blame your environment on somebody else: “Oh, my Dad used to do this, my Mom used to do this, so I am like this.” They probably did it because that’s what they knew. You don’t have to be influenced by that.

Always use your temperament in doing something beautiful, something beneficial for the entire humanity. It shouldn’t be limited only to you or your family or a small group. Think big. Always. That’s why we pray, “May all be happy.” When you say all, automatically, a little part of you is also included in that. 

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