July 11

You Are Already Married to Your Peace and Joy

Relationships need not be difficult. If you don’t have any selfish purpose, then you don’t expect anything and you don’t lose anything. You are just there together. When you are apart, you are apart. You aren’t attached to that relationship.

Realize that you don’t have to have a relationship to be happy. You are already married to your peace and joy. When you are married, things outside look more inviting. Right at home you have the prettiest girl, the most handsome fellow, but you don’t appreciate that. It’s natural. So God says, “All right, if you want to have that, okay, go, try to be happy.” But when you get tired of all that, then you say, “Oh, no, no, no, no, I don’t think I’ll ever by happy with any of those things.” Then God says, “All right, then live with me.” It’s true.

That means you don’t realize your own true nature, which is happiness. The minute you realize that you are always happy, that you are always peaceful whether you have a relationship or not, that you have a permanent relationship within, then you no longer worry about an outside relationship. If it comes, fine, if it doesn’t come, wonderful. You become independent. You don’t depend on anything or anyone for your happiness.

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