July 10

Nothing Is Impossible

Question: There are times when illnesses aren’t relieved by treatment. Do we have illness for a period of time because it’s our karma? If so, how do we know when that period is over?

Sri Gurudev: When your illness is over, you know that the karma period is over. If it persists you should know that the karma is still there. That’s simple, is it not? But don’t always blame karma. Karma is not something that somebody gave you. Nobody creates karma for you. You have the capacity to erase it and purge it out. Have this idea well rooted in your system: “It’s my karma. I acquired it, and I can remove it. I can be done with that. Nobody else is the cause for my karma.” Then you can comfortably work on it.

Here the challenge comes. Which one is greater? The karma, or you? If you put forth more energy than your karma, certainly you can overcome it. But if your energy is not enough, the karma seems to win. Still, it has its own time period. After having given its reward to you, whether pleasurable or painful, it gets purged out and ceases. So have confidence and continue to work on it.

In the case of ill health think about it. What did you do to affect your health? Make the necessary changes. It takes a long time. If it has taken years to get into such a condition, you can’t expect to correct the problem in days.

Take your time and be patient. Nothing is impossible. You can heal yourself because you created your disease. Now, you can create your health. You are the master of it. Never give up. Fast. Change your diet. Pray. The best form of healing is prayer. The physical treatment is not enough. Have a happy and contented mind. The best remedy for any illness is laughter.

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