January 8

God Is Not a Fool

Question: How can we develop service as an instinctive, natural habit in our lives? Sri

Gurudev: By knowing that you are always serving. You don’t need to develop anything. Simply know that you are not doing anything other than serving.

God sent you, and must have had a purpose for sending you. God is not a fool and God will use you to fulfill that purpose. When God is not using you, you should not think, “Oh, I am no use at all. I am just sitting and doing nothing.” That means that you forgot who is in charge. Your attitude should be, “Maybe God is just not using me now.”

We are all tools in the hands of God. God brought us here to be used and God is literally using every one of us. It is God’s energy that is in us. God is using me to say these things, and God is using you to listen. In a way, God is speaking and God is listening. It’s not that I am in any way a great master, literate and enlightened, and you are all fools. No. It is simply that on this dramatic stage God is having me sit here and say something, and God is having you sit there listening. I know that it is God making me sit here and making you sit there. If you don’t know it, that is the problem.

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