January 4

Real Love Is Possible

Don’t love only your fellow humans. Love everyone and everything equally. All things are your fellow beings, not only humans.

By loving everything, you are really loving yourself. Everything is nothing but the expression of yourself. If you stand in front of a mirror, you love that reflection. You smile at it and it smiles at you. In the same way, the whole world is your projection. You love because you are made of love; not because you have to love. The scriptures say to love your neighbor as your Self. You don’t love your neighbor as an individual; you love that person as your Self.

That means you have to see your Self in the other person. Real love is possible only when you see everything as your own expression. All others are none other than you; they just appear to be different. We always need to go beyond the name and form. When we rise above the worldly limitations, we will find that the essence is the same.

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