January 29

A Challenge Was Placed in Front of You

Life is always a challenge . . . always! Many times you will feel like giving up. Why shouldn’t you give up? Facing the challenge is difficult, giving up is easy. But where is the guarantee that you won’t face the same challenge somewhere else or even a bigger challenge?

When you are facing a difficult situation, there are two approaches you can take. One is, “Let me stick with it. Let me stay put and face the challenge, try to understand it, learn the lesson and rise above it.” It really takes a lot of strength, a lot of courage, a lot of confidence to do that. It takes total faith in a Higher Will.

If you cannot develop that kind of strength, you can just walk out. You are not really making a big mistake by doing that. But remember one thing: a challenge was placed in front of you, you didn’t want to face it, and you are running away. It’s all right. If you really cannot do it, if you have struggled hard for a long time, and if you weren’t strong enough and you failed, it doesn’t matter.

Don’t keep fighting against the current. Maybe you are not strong. Swim in a little shallower water. But know that although you are running, you are not escaping. The same kind of challenge will come there also, in a little different form. Why? Because difficulties come to make us strong. It’s true. Life is an obstacle race, and a challenge has been presented to you. I would recommend that you first try to face it with all your heart and strength. Find the ways and means to do it.

Only if you are really positive that you cannot do anything more, that you really cannot continue—“I’m getting weaker and weaker and weaker, and I have to take a tittle time to get my strength back”—okay, then take a break.

The strength that will enable you to overcome every obstacle is the strength and confidence that comes from total faith in God. When you have that kind of strength, nothing is impossible to achieve. You don’t have to run away from anything. 

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