January 27

Without That,
Nothing Is Going to Make You Happy

You might have the entire world at your feet, all the money, all the material things, all the friends, all the name, all the fame, all the crowns; but unless you have peace you don’t have a worriless life. What is the use of having all these things around you? Shun them. Care more for your peace than for these. Without that peace, nothing is going to make you happy. If you have peace, even without having anything else, you will be happy. That’s what you call contentment.

Accept God’s Will, “Whatever has to come will come. What will not come, will not come. Why should I worry about it?” I know some of you might say, “Then should I not do anything?” You should do something, yes. And if you allow yourself to be handled in that way, you will have plenty to do. You’ll be doing much more than anyone else. At the same time, you’ll be totally relaxed. Don’t think that relaxation or peace comes by not doing anything. No. You’ll be put to even greater use.

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