January 26

Remember God’s Unseen Hand Always

An individual’s act is nothing but a part of a cosmic act. It’s not that you are acting. You are made to act. Somebody made you with a purpose. Know that somebody has made you, somebody is making you work and somebody is going to make you stop. You are free to remember that or not. That’s all.

If there is a request in our prayers it should be, “God, You are doing everything. Occasionally I think of that, I know it, but very often I forget it. I know that You are the one who makes me forget also; but please don’t play that trick on me, because when You make me forget, I become egoistic, I become miserable. So please don’t have fun with me like this. Help me to remember this always. I don’t know if it is just for Your fun, or if You are testing me. I don’t know why You are doing all this. All I know is I go through sufferings when I forget that. I have had enough of that suffering. Please help me to remember.” That should be our prayer. To recognize the unseen hand always.

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