January 22

Nothing Will Bother You

Nothing will bother you if your relationship with it is correct. Pain becomes evil because you don’t like it. Nothing will bother you, no one will bother you, nothing will harass you if your attitude is right. What is the right attitude?

You should understand that no pain will come to you unless you do something to deserve it. Pain is not really that gracious; it will not just come by to visit. No. If we deserve something, whether good or bad, it will come to us. If we don’t deserve it, nobody can hurt us. No pain can come to us. Deserving means we have done something wrong and through that pain we have to purge it out. Pain is a sort of purgation. Even if the whole world comes forward to give you pain, it cannot if you do not deserve it. But, unfortunately, we don’t accept it that way. We simply say, “Oh, I am all innocent. This guy just came and hurt me.” It’s wrong thinking. Pain has no interest in coming to you unless you have invited it. Understand the purpose of the suffering, and accept it.

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