January 20

See the Real Spirit

Everybody has a clean Self, the image of God. Each also is an expression of the same God. You can perceive that divine element pervading everywhere, functioning through every mind and body. When you do that, you’ll always recognize the Self that is common to everything and everybody. That means you go beyond the so-called sinner and saint.

An example is a clear bulb or a colored bulb. If the bulb is colored, it gives colored light. But you wouldn’t say the electricity inside is also colored. The energy that runs through all the bulbs is the same; external variations are caused by the bodies through which the energy passes. If it’s a colored bulb, it sheds colored light.

The same Self functioning through a clean mind shows a saint. If the mind has all lower tendencies, you call the person a sinner. The one who stands supreme is the one who looks beyond the mind-body element and sees the genuine or real spirit behind it all, even in the so-called sinner. The supreme person still loves that other one as the pure spirit.

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