January 2

The World Will Be a Fantastic Place

There is a simple proverb told in the countryside of South India. If two good people coming from opposite directions are walking on the same narrow footpath, there will be three roads. If there is one good person, there will be two roads. If both are bad people, there will be only one road.

 Probably this needs a little explanation. If both of the people are good, both will give room for the other one to walk on the path. That means they will create two more paths, emptying the center one. There will be three paths and they will comfortably pass, smiling at each other.

If there is one good person and one bad person, the good person will move out of the way and give room on the path for the bad person. So there will be two paths.

When both are bad people, they will come and push each other. “Hey, you! Get out!” “No, no, no! You get out!” There will be only one path.

The moral of the story is this: If you want peace, forget yourself. Think of the benefit of the other person first. “How can I serve you? How can I make you comfortable?” That’s the way it should be. Giving brings harmony. Love and give, love and give. Think of the other person first. With this kind of attitude, the whole world will be a fantastic place.

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