January 19

Utilize Your Love

Question: When we feel an extra surge of love from within, what can we do to keep that love flowing instead of being blocked up inside or focused all on one person?

Sri Gurudev: When you feel that extra surge of love, you have hundreds of opportunities to share it.

If you see a withering plant, immediately go and tend to it, take the weeds out, give it some nourishment and water. If you notice a pebble or a piece of glass on the road, love the person who would get cut by stepping on it and pick it up before anyone is hurt. You can show love to plants, to the road, to people, to animals. Let everything that is in your presence make use of that love. Be nice to all. Do something beautiful.

Let your love be a universal love. That is true love. Always do something good for all others, not just for people. When I say others, I mean even a little plant or a stone. Pour your love onto all those things.

Concern about the feelings of others and the happiness of others is real love. It’s unfortunate that love is often limited to something physical. That’s not love at all. Love is concern for others, doing good to everyone and everything. Utilize your love for the benefit of the Creation.

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