January 14

Rest At the Top

Wherever you are, whatever you do, have discipline in your life. Discipline your mind, discipline your senses, discipline your body. When we want a big reward, we have to pay a big price. Nothing comes easily. Even for a few minutes of ego gratification, for climbing to the top of a mountain, so much effort is needed.

How many months of great difficulties will you have to undergo to attain such a goal? How many times will you slip, get up, start, slip, get up, start again? At last you stand there at the top, plant your flag, and say, “I conquered Everest.” You may have conquered Everest, but you can never rest there. In ten minutes you even have to come down. For that ten minutes of joy you worked so hard, you followed so many disciplines. Then it’s over.

In the spiritual life, however, once you get to the top, you have reached Ever-rest. You do rest there, and you won’t have to come down. You can even pull others up as well. But there are no shortcuts. A great price must be paid to reach that great goal. What is that price? Leading a selfless life.

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