January 12

It Is Something Super

You should have a close personal relationship with God. That’s why sometimes it’s easier to have a personal representation of God than an abstract one. You can communicate better, you can look at the face, you can garland the image, you can feed the image. God is nameless, formless, abstract; you cannot simply go and hug space. That is why most people need a symbol. It can be whatever pleases you.

Develop your relationship with that. Marry yourself to that representation of God. Think of it day and night. Treat that as your inseparable partner. Once you develop that kind of relationship you will soon begin to see that God is always there next to you. Even if you forget sometimes, God will remind you, “Honey, I am here. Don’t worry.”

Devotion cannot be compared with any other approach. It is something super. When you develop that kind of devotion you rise above all doubts. You feel the presence always with you, and you feel that you are totally protected. Develop that kind of devotion by your constant remembrance of the Divine.

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