February 3

The Real Spiritual Experience

Living and working together as one beautiful family with total love is God. People often ask me, “Why is it that I’ve been practicing all these years but I haven’t realized God? I haven’t had any experience.” I don’t know what it is that they are looking for. Do they mean they haven’t been lifted off the floor a few inches? They haven’t had any hallucinations? That’s not the kind of spiritual experience you need. You may have some nice visions; you may see lights, hear sounds. But what is the benefit to others? Real spiritual experience means moving around with a smiling, loving face. That is spiritual. To see the spirit in others and to love everyone; to rise above these little differences of the lower nature and bring harmony wherever you are.

If you can’t live harmoniously with others, what is the use of other spiritual experiences? Ultimately, everyone should love you. Keep that in mind: “I will live the kind of life that will make everybody love me, and I will love them.” If that happens in your life, you will know that you are growing spiritually.

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