February 29

You Will Laugh at Your Own Dream

Question: If we are all essentially the Absolute, why and how did the illusion begin?

Sri Gurudev: Are you asking this question while still under illusion or from an enlightened position? If the question itself comes from illusion, then the answer will be understood with the same illusion. As long as we are not enlightened, we have to accept the illusion. Instead of trying to find out how it came, it’s better to work to get out of it. At least you realize that you are in that illusion. You are in darkness. You are sleeping. You are dreaming.

When you wake up you will know what a wild dream you had. While you are still dreaming, however much someone says that you are dreaming, you are still going to wrestle with your pillow and cry. As long as you are dreaming, that dream seems very real. As soon as you wake up, everything is clear. When you wake up you will laugh at your own dream, which was nothing but illusion. When you get enlightened, all the whys and hows are automatically answered. Until then no answer will satisfy you.

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