February 28

Then Why Should You Go to Surf?

If you are just going to follow nature and get tossed by the waves, then why should you go to surf. The nature of the ocean is to try to dump you. You are going there to learn to surf without getting dumped.

It is the nature of the mind to constantly change. You should learn how to surf on the waves of the mind, rather than being tossed and beaten by them. Always affirm that you are not going to be the slave of the mind; you are going to be the master. Exercise your mastery.

If something terrible comes, you think, “Oh, I can’t bear it. I can’t stand it another minute.” But if you just hold on a little longer, it passes. Then you are so relieved. Good and bad are all a mental matter. Sometimes white clouds come; sometimes black clouds come. Wait a little; everything passes away. Don’t give up. When a restless cloud passes, you are peaceful again.

If you give up and run somewhere else, there will be a difficult situation to face there too. Wherever you go, your own mind goes with you. It will create the same problem, maybe in a different way. If you can keep control over the mind, wherever you are will be a heaven. If you do not have that control, even if you are in heaven it will be a hell for you.

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