February 19

What Is It That I Am Doing?

The simplest thing is to have faith. An ounce of faith moves mountains. The saint Ramalinga Swamigal used to say, “Lord, You are feeding me, so I am eating. Otherwise I wouldn’t even be able to eat my food. Do You think I am eating with my capacity? No. You are feeding me. When You want me to eat, I eat. When You want me to sleep, I sleep. When You want me to see, I see. Without You, I cannot even see. When You want me to be happy, You make me happy. You make me dance, I dance. I’m just a puppet, and You pull the string. You do this to everyone; I’m not the only one. I know that it’s all You. Many may not know that. Unfortunately, because of the ego, they think that they are moving by themselves. But still, the fact is that You are moving them. When that is so, what is it that I am doing? It’s all You.”

Once you realize that truth, your whole life will be totally different. You won’t see anything other than peace and joy.

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