February 12

We Should Be Able to Offer Ourselves

Not everyone can go out and serve physically. Those who have that capacity should do so. Those without that capacity can project their positive thoughts. In fact, thoughts are more powerful than actions. Many great sages and saints who live in caves and remote areas just sit and pray for others. Those positive suggestions spread all over the globe. Thoughts are more powerful; there is no doubt about it. Many contemplative monks, nuns and other people sit and pray for the world.

Those who have the capacity to do something physical as well should take that opportunity. Mental, physical, material—do something in whatever way you can. That is why all those faculties have been given to you. They are not given just for your own use. Your physical strength, your material wealth, everything is given to you to be used for others.

Of course that doesn’t mean that you should not use it for yourself too; but the major part of it is to be offered to others. That’s the way we should mold our lives. You should not think that you are living here for your own sake. We are here for the sake of everyone. On every plane we should be able to offer ourselves and our possessions for the benefit of humanity and the entire nature.

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