December 9

Nothing Is Impossible to Accomplish

The entire life is based on imagination. In a way, you are also imagining in meditation. In meditation, you think of God. Have you ever seen God? No. So you are imagining, “That must be God. God should be like this. God should be like that.” That is your God. Another person would imagine the same God in his or her own way. That is why even God’s form varies according to the person who imagines God. That is the proof that everything comes from within.

In meditation you are imagining something that you want to ultimately become or develop: “God is almighty, God is all-powerful, God is all-forgiving, God is all love.” You constantly think of certain things and the mind assumes that image, assumes that quality. But one thing is important: you should think strongly. You should be strong enough in your suggestions. That’s what you are trying to develop in your meditation. You’re strengthening your thoughts by constantly thinking of the same thing.

To make yourself strong in your thoughts, you have to keep on dinning that into your mind: “This is what I want to become. This is what I want to become.” That means you imagine that you are going to be like that—that you are that. Then certainly you will become that. Once you achieve that kind of thought power, nothing is impossible to accomplish.

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