December 8

Don’t Be Serious About Anything

We cannot really save the world. We cannot even destroy the world. It’s not in our hands. If that Supreme Power wanted to save the world, it wouldn’t even take a second for it to happen. All of us could be saints and sages overnight. All God has to do is just think, “Come on all of you be saints,” and that would be it. But God is not doing that. Instead, God is letting us be a little ignorant. That’s God’s fun.

You sometimes forget this and take life too seriously. At least when it gets too tough and you are really caught up in it all, at that point sit back and say, “It’s all right.” Don’t be serious about anything, anything, anything. Just have fun.

Always keep this awareness of the Divine leela or God’s play. If we just remember this, we won’t be projecting our ego. How often we get caught in thinking, “I did it! I got it! I lost it!” For one week, try saying: “It’s all God’s fun. I’ll simply do whatever God wants me to do.” Have a sample week like this. You will feel very light. You will get the Light. Then if you like, you can continue. If not, take back your ego. It’s always there.

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