December 7

There’s Nothing Serious About It

WLife is a play. It was never meant to be a serious, heavy thing. Our own ego makes it that way. God just wanted to have some fun. That’s why God created all of us. But we don’t know God’s purpose behind it all, and so we seem to be missing all the fun. Just treat everything as play. All this coming and going, meeting, eating, welcoming, sending off, taking birth, saying goodnight and goodbye. It’s all fun. We should see it in this light and take things easy.

It’s all a great, divine play and we all have our roles. Don’t even say that we are playing our roles. We are all puppets; there is a wire tied to us. That wire is Cosmic Consciousness. We all have that Consciousness. Whatever that Consciousness thinks, we think. But when we fail to understand that, and allow our individual egos to come to the surface, we think that we are doing something. That’s what you call basic ignorance.

Actually, we have no business of our own here at all. Nothing belongs to us. Not even these bodies, not even these minds. Just because we happen to have something in our hands, we immediately try to possess it. We say, “This is mine. I should keep it. I did it.” Our “I” gets cataracted by too many “mines.” If we could just perform an operation on that cataract, we would see better. So just leave it to God. Then there’s nothing serious about it.

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